CHERIAN, Meena Nathan

International Adjunct Professor

Education Background

Doctor of Medicine (Madras University, India)

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (Punjab University, India)

Research Field
Global Public Health education and research; Health literacy promotion; Awareness on key global health topics: Non-Communicable Diseases, Surgical and Anesthesia health systems, Maternal health, and COVID.

Dr Meena Nathan Cherian graduated from Christian Medical College Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Following specialization in anaesthesiology from Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, India, she continued in the faculty as professor of anesthesiology. She trained, worked, and taught anesthesia in several countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and USA (Johns Hopkins Hospital). Her clinical experience for several years in a rural mission hospital in India involved managing emergencies and performing surgeries for obstetrics and gynecology cases. She worked as the World Health Organization (WHO) Lead for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Program at the WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, where she created the first WHO program for ‘surgical and anesthesia care’ resulting in the first World Health Assembly Resolution on ‘Emergency and Essential Surgical Care and Anesthesia in the context of Universal Health Coverage’. She served as an Hon. Prof. at the University of Western Ontario, WHO Collaborating Centre, Canada. She was a consultant at the Institute for Global Health, School of Medicine Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, S. Korea in the Essential Surgical Care for Primary Health Care Strengthening in Post-earthquake Gorkha Region Nepal project. Her current positions include Senior Advisor, Global Action, International Society of Geriatric Oncology, Switzerland; Adjunct Prof. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hongkong; and Director, Global Health New Challenges: online courses, and Emergency and Surgical Care program, at the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Geneva, Switzerland.

Academic Publications

Selected Publications

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