ZHANG, Zhaoyu

Adjunct Associate Professor

Education Background

PhD (Caltech)

MS, BS (University of Science and Technology of China)

Research Field
Semiconductor Lasers; Nanophotonics; Organic Light Emitting Devices; Perovskite Optoelectronics; Thin Film Solar Cells

Prof. Zhaoyu Zhang received his B.S. and M.S. degree in Applied Mechanics from University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China, in 1998 and 2001 respectively. He received Ph.D. degree from California Institute of Technology, Pasadena USA in 2007 in Electrical Engineering. From 2008 to 2011, he worked in University of California, Berkeley as a postdoctoral fellow in College of Chemistry, with a joint appointment with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. From 2011 to 2015, he worked in Peking University as an Associate Professor and led a team of “Nano OptoElectronics Lab (NOEL)”. In 2015, he and his team moved to Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. In 2016, he was approved to set up Key Labortary of Semicoductor laser, Shenzhen and be the director. His main achievements including the first demonstration of red-emission photonic crystal lasers, wavelength-scale micro-lasers with physical size smaller than 1 micron, microfluidic microlasers based on dye materials, as well as the first demonstration of photonic crystal lasers directly grown on silicon substrates. He has published more than 20 referred papers on renowned journals including Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Physics Review Letters, Optica, Photonics research, Optics Letters, Applied Physics Letters, etc. Please refer to NOEL web for detail information and student openings.

Academic Publications

1.Taojie Zhou, Mingchu Tang, Guohong Xiang, Boyuan Xiang, Suikong Hark, Mickael Martin, Thierry Baron, Shujie Pan, Jae-Seong Park, Zizhuo Liu, Siming Chen*, Zhaoyu Zhang,* and Huiyun Liu,* "Continuous-wave quantum-dot photonic crystal lasers grown on on-axis silicon (001)", Nature Communications, Vol 11, February 20, 2020 
2.Xiaoli Zhang, Huafeng Shi, Haitao Dai, Xinhai Zhang, Xiao Wei Sun* and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Exciton-Polariton Properties in Planar Microcavity of Millimeter-Sized 2D Perovskite Sheet", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Vol 12, Issue 4, 5081-5089, January 6, 2020
3.Xiaomeng Li, Jieshun Cui, Qiankai Ba, Zhe Zhang, Shaoqing Chen, Guoxin Yin, Yu Wang, Bobo Li, Guohong Xiang, Kwang Soo Kim, Hu Xu, Zhaoyu Zhang,* Hsing-Lin Wang,* "Multiphotoluminescence from a triphenylamine derivative and its application in white organic light-emitting diodes based on a single emissive layer", Advanced Materials, Vol 31, Issue 23, 1900613, June 6, 2019 
4.Taojie Zhou, Mingchu Tang, Guohong Xiang, Xuan Fang, Xiu Liu, Boyuan Xiang, Suikong Hark, Mickael Martin, Marin-Leonor Touraton, Thierry Baron, Ying Lu, Siming Chen, Huiyun Liu, Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Ultra-low threshold InAs/GaAs quantum dot microdisk lasers on planar on-axis Si (001) substrates", Optica, Vol 6, Issue 4, p430, Apr 20, 2019 (IF : 9.26 Q1 JCR: 4/95 in Optics)
5.Xiu Liu, Lijuan Wang, Xuan Fang, Taojie Zhou, Guohong Xiang, Boyuan Xiang, Xueqing Chen, Suikong Hark, Hao Liang, Shuming Wang,* and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Continuous Wave Operation of GaAsBi Microdisk Lasers at Room Temperature with Large Wavelengths Ranging from 1.27 to 1.41 μm", Photonics Research, Vol 7, Issue 5, p508, May 1, 2019 (IF : 5.52 Q1 JCR: 9/95 in Optics)
6.Bobo Li, Taojie Zhou, Xuan Fang, Weilin Zhang, Xiaomeng Li, Zhiqiang Guan, Jiaying Li, Liang Wang, Suikong Hark and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Temperature dependent geometry in perovskite microcrystals for whispering gallery and Fabry-Pérot mode lasing", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol 7, Issue 14, p 4102, Apr 14, 2019 (IF: 6.64 Q1 JCR: 20/148 in Applied Physics)
7.Taojie Zhou, Guohong Xiang, Xuan Fang, Boyuan Xiang, Xiu Liu, Suikong Hark, and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Cantilever-based freestanding InGaP/InGaAlP quantum wells microring lasers", Applied Physics Letters, Vol 114, Issue 7, 071103, Feb 18, 2019 (IF: 3.52 Q1 JCR: 31/148 in Applied Physics)
8.Taojie Zhou, Jie Zhou, Yuzhou Cui, Xiu Liu, Jiagen Li, Kebo He, Xuan Fang, and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Microscale local strain gauges based on visible micro-disk lasers embedded in a flexible substrate", Optics Express, Vol 26, Issue 13, p16797, Jun 25, 2018 (IF : 3.56 Q1 JCR: 20/95 in Optics)
9.Taojie Zhou, Xiu Liu, Yuzhou Cui, Yuansen Cheng, Xuan Fang, Weilin Zhang, Boyuan Xiang, Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Cantilever-based microring lasers embedded in a deformable substrate for local strain gauges", AIP Advances, Vol 8, Issue 7, 075306, Jul 2018 (IF : 1.58 Q2 JCR: 95/148 in Applied Physics)
10.Bobo Li, Xiaomeng Li, Xia Li, Haolin Liu, Zhaonan Li, Guohong Xiang, Yuhan Liu, Taojie Zhou, Xuan Fang and Zhaoyu Zhang*. "A simple method to improve the performance of perovskite light-emitting diodes via layer-by-layer spin-coating CsPbBr3 quantum dots", RSC Advances, Vol 8, Issue 48, p272201, 2018 (IF : 3.05 Q2 JCR: 69/172 in Multidisciplinary Chemistry)
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12.Jie Zhou, Taojie Zhou, Jiagen Li, Kebo He, Zhiren Qiu, Bocang Qiu, and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Proposal and numerical study of a flexible visible photonic crystal defect cavity for nanoscale strain sensors", Optics Express, Vol 25, Issue 20, p23645, Oct 2, 2017
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14.Jie Zhou, Feifei Shi, Taojie Zhou, Kebo He, Bocang Qiu, and Zhaoyu Zhang,* "Characteristic analysis and comparison of two kinds of hybrid plasmonic annular resonators", Journal of Nanophotonics, Vol 11, Issue 2, 026006, Apr 2017 (IF : 1.43 Q3 JCR: 64/95 in Optics)
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