MPhil-PhD Programme in Biological Sciences

The proposed MPhil-PhD Programme in Biological Sciences aims to educate and cultivate research students with a broad foundation in Biological Sciences, with specialized knowledge in selected areas. They are expected to become leading academics and researchers in universities, research institutes, and industries. Our objective is to develop an elite MPhil-PhD programme in the area of Biological Sciences, with research concentrations in biochemistry, cell biology, cancer biology, immunology, neurobiology, pharmacology, genetics, human genetics, biophysics, developmental biology, and/or computati…

MPhil-PhD Programme in Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary program involving the application of Engineering principles and design concepts on Biology and Medicine for healthcare purposes, such as diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy of diseases. The primary mission of our BME program is to cultivate students with the cross-disciplinary expertise in biology, medicine, and engineering fields. The discipline of biomedical engineering aims to cultivate talented researchers with 1) a positive spirit and a responsible quality of good professional ethics; 2) basic knowledge and basic skills in medical electron…

MSc Programme in Bioinformatics

The master programme in Bioinformatics is a joint programme launched by School of Life and Health Sciences and School of Data Science. This programme serves as a solid foundation in cross-disciplinary learning, creative thinking, practical problem-solving skills, and a keen sense of bioinformatics for the emerging biotechnologies and their future developments. With the well-designed study scheme of this program, students are expected to be well-educated to achieve the forefront of leadership in the fields of bioinformatics and biomedical sciences.