Clinical Medicine

The Clinical Medicine programme is dedicated to cultivating world-class medical innovators with solid medical knowledge, clinical skills, and good professional ethics, as well as an international perspective and humanity. Graduates possess a lifelong pursuit of professional competence, comprehensive and solid medical knowledge, advanced clinical skills, research abilities, communication skills, and noble medical ethics and humanities.

Biomedical Science and Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering (BME) is an interdisciplinary program involving the application of Engineering principles and design concepts on Biology and Medicine for healthcare purposes, such as diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy of diseases. The primary mission of our BME program is to cultivate students with the cross-disciplinary expertise in biology, medicine, and engineering fields. To train them to conduct researches through the knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry, biomechanics, informatics, nanotechnology, instrumentation, and material engineering. With the well-designed study scheme of this program, students are expected to be well-educated to achieve the forefront of leadership in the fields of biomedical engineering.


The mission of the Programme is to equip students with knowledge and technique in computational biology, to allow development of research skills in the study of the genomic sequences and biomolecular structures, and their functions and dynamics in the biological systems; and to accelerate the translation of research discoveries to improve healthcare.

Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical Science is a systematic study of drugs, including their source, preparation, application, and management. Like clinical medicine, it originates from the humans’ social practice and the demand for a healthy life. Pharmaceutical Science plays an important role in promoting the development of human health in China and the world. The launch of the program by our school was a response to the growing demand for pharmaceutical care in the community and pharmaceutical industry.

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences is a broad scientific discipline embracing many different fields of studies, including the functioning of living organisms from virus to human. Fundamental to the study of life is unfolding biological organization at its many levels, from molecular architecture to ecosystem adaptation. Scientific breakthroughs in the biological sciences in recent years have underpinned advances in medicine, biotechnology, food production and food safety, as well as nutrition and health science.